Purdue University, December 2
Crystallization Systems Engineering
About the workshop

A workshop on

Process Intensification via Continuous Crystallization with Real Time Analytics

  • Organizer:

    Zoltan K. Nagy

    Nagy joined Purdue University in 2012 as Professor of Chemical Engineering. His research interest includes pharmaceutical and crystallization systems engineering. He is associate editor for several scientific journals and received numerous awards in process control and crystallization research.

  • Main issue:

    Variation in crystal property distribution

    A fundamental issue in crystallization systems is the high non-linear process characteristics, which is more accentuated in batch systems. This translates to variation in crystal purity, size and shape distribution and polymorphic form.

  • Proposal:

    Employ continuous crystallization platforms with real time analytics

    Continuous crystallizers offer automated and intensified operation. This means more consistent product quality, improved energy and material usage and, in turn, greener process. A series of novel crystallization platforms will be presented, including from an air segmented microfluidic lab-on-chip device integrated in a Miniaturized Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (MiniPharm) platform, to Oscillatory Flow Crystallization (OFC) systems, with static and dynamic baffles. The integration of these platforms with upstream continuous reaction and downstream continuous filtration will also be demonstrated. Many of the platforms presented (including a 100 mL working volume DN6 OFC) are first prototypes.

  • Real time monitoring:

    Use of PAT tools

    The application of real-time PAT tools ensures high performance tracking of the solid and liquid phases. Well-designed combination, such as FBRM, PVM and UPLC is suitable to give a complete view of crystallizer for both solid and liquid phases. Application of standard PAT tools, such as FBRM, PVM, Raman and ATR-UV-VIS for the monitoring and feedback control of crystallization processes be presented. Novel applications of real-time UPLC for impurity monitoring and automated calibration of spectroscopy tools will be presented. A new PAT tool, the Fixed Volume Reflectance Measurement (FVRM) will be demonstrated, that integrates capabilities of FBRM, PVM and Raman in a single probe, providing enhanced quantitative information about the crystallization process.

  • Improve the control:

    Based on composite PAT array

    In this seminar, we will demonstrate continuous crystallization at the milli- and microscale, including process intensification via spherical agglomeration and continuous filtration tracked in real time by PAT tools like the new Blaze B532 vision and sizing tool, FBRM, PVM and UPLC. Advanced model-free and model-based control approaches, such as Direct Nucleation Control (DNC) via integrated wet-milling and continuous crystallization, Anti-Fouling Control (AFC) and hierarchical supersaturation control will be presented.

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Workshop program

Process Intensification via Continuous Crystallization with Real Time Analytics

Registration: 8:30am-9:00 am

Arriving to the venue and registration of participants. Location: Forney Hall of ChE 480 Stadium Mall Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47906.

Seminar: 9:00am-12:30pm

Academic and industrial experts will present the state-of-the-art of research in the field of continuous crystallization equipment, monitoring and control. This opens new doors in the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Lab demos: 1:30pm-4:30pm

Interactive presentation of the CrySys laboratories and demonstration experiments by the members of Nagy’s research group.

Presentation schedule

Process Intensification via Continuous Crystallization with Real Time Analytics

1: Introduction

Zoltan K Nagy, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University

2: Continuous crystallization and filtration platforms

Alastair Barton, Director at Alconbury Weston Ltd.

3: Continuous Oscillatory Baffled Crystallization (COBC) System

Xiongwei Ni, Director at NiTech Solutions Ltd.

4: Automated online reaction and crystallization monitoring by UPLC enabled by a novel sample manager

Ernie Hillier, Sr. Instruments Systems Marketing Manager, Process Analytics at Waters Corp.

5: The next generation of in process crystal characterization

Richard Becker, Managing Director at Blaze Metrics

6: Spherical crystallization in continuous oscillatory baffled crystallizer

Ramon Pena, Graduate Student at Purdue University; Joseph Oliva, Gaann Fellowship, Purdue University

7: Miniaturized pharmaceutical crystallization platform

Andy Koswara, Post-Doctoral Researcher at Purdue University

8: Quality-by-Control (QbC) examples through continuous crystallization

Zoltan K Nagy, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University

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